The 20 top views in the world

Featured on The Web’s Original Travel BloMy recent shot of dawn over Bagan (Burma) was voted as one of the 20 ‘top views’ in the world by TravelPod.  Now I’m really pleased and while I’d be the first to agree that Ngorongoro Crater and Annapurna as well as New York should be on the list it is ultimately terribly subjective. If you live in Siem Reap; Ankor Wat is pretty ordinary.  If you live in Paris, Pont des Arts is just on your bus ride.

I believe that extraordinary views are everywhere. The fact that a view is familiar to you may make it unique to someone else.  That’s why last year I took a small series of shots of Chelsea in London and it’s time to get out and find some more top 20 views a bit closer to home.


One thought on “The 20 top views in the world

  1. Mark, congrats on getting your picture in there – it’s a great shot. My favourite view was always the view I had across English Bay and then up to the mountains as I caught the bus to work every morning in Vancouver. Every day it literally took my breath away. Partly it was the view itself, and partly it was the fact that I was there experiencing it.I try to do the same now in London – appreciate the beauty of what is in front of you.

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