eBook egnorance


sony PRS-505 This is a follow-up to my last post called Travels with a Sony eBook Reader.  Two months in and I am still a huge fan.  In fact, I haven’t read a hardware book since. There are however two things I’d really like to see on the Sony eBook reader, one is the time.  It would be great to pop the current time into the top of the screen .  The second is more profound.  I really want to have the book’s title and the author’s name displayed on every page because the embarrassing truth is that I have no idea what book I’m reading.  Currently the only time you see the author and title is when you buy the book and the moment you delete it after having read it. 

In the meantime I’m completely in the dark.  I rave about a book to my wife you says ‘Great, what’s it called and who’s it buy?”.  I have to confess to having absolutely no idea.  Tie me to a rack and torture me, strap me to a lie detector or fill me with Sodium Pentothal and I’d still have no clue.  So Sony you know what to do.  In the meantime I’ll go back and read this great thriller about a ancient sect and a Carravagio, that’s set in Rome with a nun whose an art historian and a cop who lost his wife, it’s Christmas Eve and their eating supper …………………………


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