Ghostter: A Twitter ghosting service


While scores of celebrities are on Twitter, it seems that a number are using ghost Twitterers to document the sordid, non-events of their lives. 50 Cent, Britney and others are having their Tweets written for them.  Not surprising really but it lead me to think of a new service. 

Ghostter – a Twitter ghosting service when your life if just too dull to write about yourself.  Imagine that you’ve joined Twitter and have managed to build a small number of followers.  Sadly, your life is pretty dull and your average Tweet amounts to no more than “BIG DAY. Found a pound on the bus” or “They ran out of cheese and pickle at Pret’s. What a bummer” .  If this is you, it’s time for Ghostter (TM). Here’s how it works.

Set your Twitter frequency

  • Weekly
  • Daily
  • Hourly
  • Stephen Fry

Who are your celebrity Followers?

  • @aplusk
  • @The_Real_Shaq
  • @BritnetSpears
  • <insert real friend here>

What are you doing?

  • Getting thrown out of a nightclub
  • On a plane (first class naturally)
  • Watching a private movie screening
  • Doing Tai Chi
  • Having a romantic dinner for two
  • Saving orphans from a house fire
  • <other>

Favourite drinks

  • Luhui Xiasanangju Tea
  • Crystal
  • Fijian mineral water
  • Xinjiang Black
  • Mild and bitter (UK only)

What is you favourite Tweet slang

  • WTF
  • LOL
  • Dude
  • Awesome
  • Pleasant (UK only)

Now for only $10 a month Ghostter will fill the Twitterverse with your imaginary life.

Thrown out of Avalon with @aplusk after saving orphans from a house fire. WTF


On a flight to London with @The_Real_Shaq drinking mild and bitter. Dude

Now all I need is a programmer.

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