The best elephant leg in London

This blog is only for the true connoisseur, the world traveller who knows that a donner kebab isn’t a one way ticket to A&E but rather a subtle and delicious blend of lamb, ‘bindings’ and spices delicately rolled into a vast shank resembling an elephant’s leg. Normally eaten only when preposterously drunk, the donner kebab is in fact a healthy mix of all the major food groups, protein, carbohydrates, vegetables and of course chilli sauce.

Most are vile, detestable and guaranteed to give it’s consumer at least 4-5 hours of uninterrupted fun in the smallest room.  In fact, almost as many days have been claimed sick due to the humble donner kebab as to that stalwart of the office sicky, the Prawn Madras.

But this is unfair, if treated correctly (and the carved meat isn’t kept warm for 6 hours) the donner kebab is as comforting as a mother’s embrace and as satisfying as a weekend with a super model. 

If you’re a fan and want to move up to the Lamborghini of kebabs head to Bosphorous Kebabs, 59 Old Brompton Road, London SW7.  


Bosphorus Kebabs on Urbanspoon


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