Who am I? And other Social Media observatons

I’ve been thinking about who I am when it comes to the internet.  I recently launched this web site to bring together my photo site and my WordPress blog as the maintainence of two sites was too much like hard work.  But it lead me to think about how I want people to see me (don’t tell me you’ve not had the same thought yourself)

Like everyone online, I have a range of personalities.  I’m part interactive guy, part old-school ad man, part amateur photographer, part grumpy old man.  I’m a friend, a colleague, a stranger, a geek, an annoying twat, in fact any and all of the above depending on who you are.  What I’m wondering is do I need to start chanelling my messages in a bit more focussed way.

If you look at the Twitter celebrities (Kevin Rose, Stephen Fry, etc) they use social media in two ways.  First, as a marketing tool to ‘sell’ you their latest appearance/venure/show but mainly to remain in your consciousness.  In fact, part of Twitter’s appeal is this attention seeking on a global scale.  So my recent Twitter posts include DNS issues on US servers, buying garden furniture, the future of advertising, a joke, iPhone 3.0, how stomach churningly awful Steven Segal is in Kill Switch. This pretty much sums up my life and interests.  But I’ve only met or spoken to 30% of my ‘followers’ on Twitter.  The rest are perfect strangers so is the tech guy who’s into storage solutions really interested in my new garden table?  Let’s be honest, is anyone interested in that.

Maybe as channels like Twitter become increasingly dominated by business relationships, for me at least, Facebook will remain my dominant social, social media outlet.  In the end, for many of us, it is just a bit more complex than ‘at home’ or ‘at work’.  We’re just banging out opinions and observations about the work around to whoever will listen.

So who am I going to post this to then?

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