Travels with a Sony eBook Reader

sony PRS-505 For a while now I’ve considered an ebook reader to be the perfect travel accessory. Light, spacious and easy to use. So I bought a Sony PRS-505 and visited Waterstones online to load up on holiday reading. In addition to some classics from the supplied disk, I bought about 10 books online and ‘found’ a technology book as a PDF. The installation is quite straightforward and now with 28 books on-board I haven’t scratched the surface of the readers memory.

So what’s it like in the field. The simple answer is stunning. I kept it on medium sized type and it lasted the entire two and a half week trip including some quite intensive image pages. Sony claim 7000 page turns which I don’t believe, I got nearer 3000 but that is still highly impressive almost 10 books. The good news is that it recharges really quickly and as long as you are near any computer with a USB connection you can recharge the batteries in about an hour or so and then keep reading for 3-4 weeks.

I’m now a total convert and while the book choice clearly isn’t as big as paper it is a massively convenient way to read whether on the road or at home.


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