Indiana Jones and the temples of Bagan

Indiana Jones and the temples of Bagan
Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan, Myanmar

My main reason for coming was to try and photograph sunrise over the temples in Bagan. I’d been inspired by shots on Flickr so wanted to try my hand. I left the hotel at 5.30am in pitch darkness and picked up a horse and cart. We bounced through the darkness and arrived at Mi-niyan-gon pagoda. The driver entered the pitch black temple and we inched through tiny corridors lit only by his torch before scaling the outer staircase of the pagoda. Up I climbed on hands and knees with the theme tune of Indiana Jones pounding in my ears. We were then standing on a platform 4 foot wide 3 stories in the air as the sun rose. It was magnificent. Joined later by a few other intrepid photographers but if you visit Bagan you must do this. Back for breakfast and a day by the pool before heading off again for the sunset at Shwe-san-daw-paya pagoda. Not as good as sunrise. It might be better to stay at street level and walk amongst the pagodas in the warn sunlight. By the way the Shwe-san-daw-paya pagoda involves a climb of 6 stories as steep as a Mayan temple (think Chichin Itza). I was carrying a large camera bag and tripod and was hanging onto the hand rail for dear life. At one point a young Burmese kid rushed past saying “very hot you want postcards”. I was more focussed on not falling 200 feet to my doom.


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