Bags to Bagan

Bags to Bagan
Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan, Myanmar

Spend the morning packing and chilling out at the hotel before sharing a car to the airport with a couple of young Americans who were on a six week round the world tour. Sadly, they hadn’t quite worked out how to pack so were traveling with 6 bags and a wooden screen. Flew Yangon Airways again for the 25 minute transfer to Bagan. We arrived at sunset so saw the temples from the air which was tremendous. It has been said that if Bagan wasn’t as remote as it is, it would be on every tourist’s itinerary. I agree, as for me it isn’t the individual pagodas and stupas themselves but the endless backdrop the 1700 temples provide. Checked in at the Hotel @ Tharabar Gate which is great. Lovely gardens, good pool and large and spacious rooms for only $100 a night. Had a very pleasant dinner by the pool but sadly the hotel was pretty empty thanks to the global recession and Burma’s own problems.


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