Banks of the Ayeyarwaddy

Banks of the Ayeyarwaddy
Mandalay, Myanmar

Mandalay, Myanmar

Met up with Sai Moon, a guide who I’d first met on Trip Advisor. Great to finally put a face to an email address. He introduced us to Tun Tun who was going to be our guide for the next two days. We started at the Shwe Nandaw Kyaung monastary which is the only remaining structure from the old royal palace. Then drove up Mandalay Hill. Damned site easier in a car I have to say but the view somehow isn’t worth it. See it if you have car anyway but don’t go out of your way. Then the Royal Palace which was deserted. You enter from the east gate past a contemporary Government poster urging all good Burmese to crush the enemies of the state (helpfully in two languages). The Royal Palace was empty, a sad reflection on the decline in tourism and so we wandered around at will. Then onto the west of the city to have a drink by the Ayeyerwddy. Found a friendly cat and shred some prawns with her. Then drove to Buffalo Point, where the buffalo used to drag teak logs out of the river. Now it’s home to a community of river people who make their living moving bamboo down the rivers and diving for sunk teak. A truly great experience walking along the banks of the Ayeyarwaddy watching people getting on with their lives and continuing a trde that has was existed for centuries


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