The wonder of Woolies

The only wonder about the recent train wreck at Woolworths is how long they managed to cling on to an appalling business that was so totally out of touch with modern retailing and the needs and desires of their customers. A horse and cart in an automotive world.

But sadly they are not alone is being completely oblivious to what consumers today want. Take WH Smith. For me they have no reason to exist as what they do could be done by anyone. Reselling books and magazines takes no special skills and they bring no additional customer service to the process. They should remain a wholesale distribution business and give up the high street.

The Post Office is also a dinosaur. They should keep the delivery business because they have to and even the American’s can’t make it profitable, and get rid of all of the branches. Seriously, anyone one else (except WH Smith) could do what the branches do. Sainsburys, Travelex, KFC even McDonalds would make a better job of it.

Finally, for this rant, Allied Carpets. I never never seen such a bunch of hopeless mouth-breathers as I encountered last week. The motivation of a 1970 British Leyland worker combined with the intelligence of a football hooligan and the charisma of British Rail station announcer. Fire the lot of them.

Thus my spleen was vented.


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