Coals to Newcastle, Cheddar to Switzerland


I recently tried to send my sister a large Cheddar cheese for Christmas. It should have been a breeze, given that Switzerland where she lives, isn’t exactly unfamiliar with fermented curds. After all this is a nation where every village boasts it’s own fondue recipe. Now enter stage left the dead hand of EU regulation. Because they are not in the EU, it’s illegal and punishable with a lifetime in some Brussels jail. You can ship pornography, Ninja throwing stars and probably flamethrowers but God forbid you should send a kilo of cheese.

It gets even worse when you ask DHL to ship it. They ask for nothing more complex than a full biohazard packaging suit, NASA level vacuum packaging and the whole thing encased in dry-ice. And a bill for about £60.

I’m sure I could put Kraft cheese food slices in an envelope and get away with it.

Time for plan B


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