Google voice activation: Gradual vice acceleration

I’ve been trying out Google’s new, free, search-by-voice service for the iPhone. What a joyous waste of time and how many endless hours of fun can be had.  The idea is that you install Google Mobile Apps (very good suite of Google products and links) tap an icon and then speak your search phrase into the iPhone and Google runs a search.  No more pecking about on the mini-screen keyboard just speak and search.  Sadly, Google forgot that us Brits speak English with an English accent.  The result is pure gold.  Here are some examples

What I said                                                 What Google thought I said

When does Sainsbury’s open                      Windows change spring open

Centrino Dual Core                                    Tint removal cool tool

The Archers on Radio 4                              New York system review pool

My electricity bill is huge                           Montichristi police chief

Part baked ciabatta rolls                            Homepage shoebox roads

I’d like to order a new floor                       Little green diesel

Stop sending me junk mail                        Cindy McCain bio

Show me the way to Amarillo                    Chinese English online

Visas for Burma                                         Jesus phone bundle

Salmon fishing in Scotland                       Sensations salon

Vietnamese prawn soup                           Amy’s phone sync

Saturday night fever                                 Nelly pizza hut

Worth installing and seeing if you can beat my all time best.  Ragdoll cats became rectal acts.


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