Why Linux Sux

Imagine if everyday life was complex as updating Linux software. To buy a train ticket you would first have to write your instruction on a blackboard in gibberish.

Sudo bash cd/users/home ?ticket

Then instead of buying the ticket via phone or web you would have to visit a distro shop of which there are four and hope they had the slip of paper that would turn into a ticket when you installed it correctly into your wallet.

I’m aware that netbooks account for 25% of laptop sales and most of these run Ubuntu but here is a tip. Buy a netbook with Linux if you are sure you never want to upgrade the software or install any new stuff. You will then be very happy. Otherwise spend a few extra quid and buy a version with XP. It will boot slower but you can then run almost all your favourite apps without thinking twice.

I spent over an hour this weekemd trying to install Flash 10 and Firefox 3 and was too bored to complete the installs My issue is that the world has moved on and what we all want is ease of use not code perfection. And I wrote this on an iPhone as it was just a bit quicker than grabbing my Asus (with both hands).


One thought on “Why Linux Sux

  1. As far as I know Dell is the only vendor selling Ubuntu. And they just started, on the netbooks anyway. Doesn’t the Asus use Xandros? Most users in the know replace it right off with a distro they are more familiar with. Either way, installing, upgrading and removing software on Linux is far easier than on XP or Vista. Everyone familiar with Linux knows that. It is possible to ignore your distro’s Package Manager completely and use the command line. It’s also possible to ignore your distro’s forums or forget about Google. Then you’d be completely on your own. If you want, try smacking a brick into your forehead while you’re working with Linux. It is brain dead easy to make Linux look bad. Here’s a tip. Find a 5 year old version of Slackware and try installing it on new hardware. I guarantee you could write a book on how crappy your experience with “Linux” was.

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