Virgin on perfection

There are brands I don’t think are really for me. I’m a BA guy not Virgin, I’m a PC guy not a Mac wannabe. I’m more VW than Alfa Romeo. This causes me no midnight angst or soul searching it’s just I prefer utility over style. I want a computer that can connect to every projector ever made; out of the box. Not one that requires a 20 minute cab ride and a £80 connector.

So when faced with a £2000 price difference on a flight to LA, I waved goodbye to my BA miles and booked Virgin.

Virgin is an interesting brand. Most of what they do fails. Think mobiles, trains, makeup, cola, cinemas, record stores etc. But Virgin Atlantic is the major exception as it actually makes money. This is because it does things very well; at least in business class.

 The famous 'pinched from Virgin Atlantic' salt and pepper shakers now plastic

So what is good? The car, priority deck-in, James Bond style lounge at Heathrow, helpful, motivated staff and more.

What doesn’t work? I hated the seats in a serious fashion. On the Airbus they line you up like cyborg storm troopers and unlike BA where you can’t see the drool leaking from the mouth of the passenger opposite, on Virgin it all hangs out. Also to get the chair flat you have to call the stewardess and then she gives you a giant panty liner to sleep on.

Also the bar. If you imagine that it is filled with the young and beautiful you would be mistaken. It’s used by the ruddy of check and crosseyed. Would you like to spend an eleven hour flight drinking gin by a busy lavatory. Maybe not.

Passenger with headphones on upside down.  Too much bar time me thinks

But this criticism is rather like complaining about the toenails on Michelangelo’s David. It’s pointless. Also there is no trace of the great bearded one and that is an extra blessing.

In short a great flight. To be repeated.


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