Lost iPhone weekend

Let me say at the outset that I am not an Apple fanboy. In fact they irritate me beyond belief with their designer glasses, pointless goatees and Crumpler bags. They claim individuality as their mantra but they use a platform so constrained as to make Windows look like a 1960’s free love concert.

Telephonic heroin

So why then did I buy an iPhone? And why a week later did we buy a second for Elly, my wife?

For a few years now I’ve been carrying more hardware than is strictly necessary: a phone, BlackBerry, iPod, digital camera, 2 sets of keys and try as I have, I simply couldn’t rationalise them.  I was hoping BlackBerry would produce a killer phone but it seems to be perpetually delayed so I decided to take the plunge.

I don’t intend to write a lengthy or fair review of the iPhone, instead I’ll simply say it is ‘les balles du chien’.  Even without Lotus Notes integration, cut and paste or Flash support it still the best piece of technology I’ve got my hands on since the Asus eeepc.  The web browsing is stellar and the degree of application integration is fabulous.

So picture the scene on Saturday as Elly and I sat in the kitchen sending texts to each other even though we were 3 feet apart, updating address books and listening to technology podcasts.  At one point I asked her what she thought of a particular podcast.  She said “I wasn’t listening I was just staring at the phone”

So now I must rebuild my contempt for Apple and their messianic cheerleader Steve Jobs.  I must spend more time learning command line in Linux and wearing my technology hair shirt.  But until then I’ll just stare longingly at my iPhone.


2 thoughts on “Lost iPhone weekend

  1. After many, many years working in a Microsoft and Linux filled world as a software developer, I finally bought a Macbook 18 months ago for use at home – and have not looked back.Last month I finally traded up to an iPhone – and like yourself have been incredibly impressed.Although Apple products cost more, they tend to do the job far more efficiently than their competitors. Sure, they cost more, but then so do Snap-On tools…

  2. I would also revisit that little white pearl of delights you purchased for work reasons and install MS Office for Mac (bargain at under 100) which we all know works better than it’s nemesis…

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