Olympic shame

There is a part of being British that I detest and that is the way the Government or in this case the 2012 Olympic Committee, tries to define Britishness.  The Dome fiasco occurred because they tried to provide education rather than entertainment.  If you want a job like that doing ask Disney not the Department of Education or whatever that bunch of cretinous inbreds are called this week.

So how do they decide to showcase a great capital city like London in the Olympic handover ceremony?.  By resorting to a has-been footballer, a reality TV star and some hoodies rapping.  Read the following, stomach churning report from the Daily Telegraph on how London will accept the handover by Beijing of the Olympic torch

Beckham, a key figure in the bid that won London the games, will be joined by Leona Lewis, who was born in Hackney, east London, near to where the next games will take place, and the London mayor Boris Johnson.

X Factor 2006 winner Lewis, 23, is said to be singing a duet with Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page for the event, which will be screened live to a television audience of as many as 150 million people.

Beckham, 33, will be driven into China’s national stadium, the Bird’s Nest, onboard an iconic Routemaster bus, before dismounting to kick footballs with children representing every country in the world.

Mr Johnson will be handed the Olympic host flag from Jacques Rogge, chairman of the International Olympic Committee.

Hip hop dancers will then join ballerinas to complete London‘s £2m, eight-minute contribution to the finale on Sunday, August 24.

It will be mirrored by a show in Trafalgar Square and street parties in 10 other cities, including Cardiff, Glasgow and Manchester.

“It is set to be one of the most mind-blowing spectacles ever,” a source close to the organisers said.

Surely they left out Cliff Richard, Dot Cotton and why not throw in Bruce Forsythe for God’s sake.  This disgusting, lowest common denominator culture makes me sick.  Why don’t we have a drive past of white vans sporting England flags and the massed ranks of the Dagenham Lager Louts.  Let’s not stop there let’s have Vera Lynn and Bobby Charlton sing a duet and why not bring Little and Large out of retirement.  Let’s introduce new sports just for 2012 like knife throwing and urban urination, let’s celebrate our greatness and have 100 meter xenophobic drunkenness as a team sport.

Now before you think I’ve gone completely off my rocker read what Bath are planning.  And remember I’m not on drugs.

The official start of London 2012 will be celebrated as part of the Beijing closing ceremony – and in the UK, Bath & North East Somerset Council will be joining other councils across the country in marking this special moment.

At 4.10pm there will be a short Civic Ceremony on the front steps of the Guildhall, with some special guests, including the new ‘Olympig’, followed by the raising of the Olympic flag.  At 4.30pm, the Council invites everyone to join in ‘Two Minutes of Noise’ when the Abbey bells will ring out, along with the sound of samba drumming.

A beautiful Georgian city like Bath is resorting to a sodding pig and the classic English melody, the Samba.

So remember, last one out turn of the lights.




I wasn’t alone.  See this great review of the event from the Guardian



One thought on “Olympic shame

  1. Very amusing and right up my street – however I find it is a trigger that gets me into one of the following modesmy grumpy old man mode or my Bureaucratic modeor one of my Favorites (us spelling oops lets not go there) correction favourite – politically correct mode Health and safety modeand so it goes on and on and……………………………………

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