Are you too ugly for Zuma?

The last time I ate at Zuma (5 Raphael Street,London,SW7 1DL), I had the distinct impression that I wasn’t allowed to drink at the bar as I wasn’t quite good looking enough. Let’s be honest not remotely good looking enough.

It was all a bit Robert Palmer, black dresses and big sneers. Thankfully, it is now a bit better and I was with two women, I was instantly promoted to the uber-hetrosexual camp which come to think of it should have put me at a table next to the bins as most of the waters were camper than Eastern European Barry Manalow look-alikes.

If you compare London and New York restaurants you are left with one conclusion. New York is cheap and vile and London is great but obscenely expensive. Zuma delivers the London side of the equation well, fantastic quality but could you imagine spending $150 a head in New York for ordinary Sushi.

We drank a Peach Sake which was simply divine but don’t drink it too cold. You’ll need to sell your liver to fund a half litre bottle but who cares. The Sushi was wonderful but truly expensive. The Black Cod (wrapped in something) was spectacular, really amongst the best three fish dishes I’ve ever had.

So should you go? Yes for sure but make sure someone else is picking up the tab.


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