Mad Middle Aged Mullet – Part II

Last time I put finger to keyboard about my hair I was searching for a good old fashioned barbers.  I’d been to my wife’s gay Eastern European stylist and left poor and badly trimmed.  So I ventured out looking for a Tony’s or Luigi’s and instead found Charlie’s Barber Shop at 123 Fulham Palace Road.  Unsurprisingly they don’t have a web site.


This is the Ronseal of haircare.  No stupid names or cryptic description just honest barbering.  Charlie is not a wannabe actor or a frustrated singer, he is in his sixties and just wants to cut men’s hair. The shop was straight out of central casting with torn plastic 1960’s barber’s chairs, lino floors, a single broken coat hook and old copies of the Sun on the floor.  The sink had hairs in it and the shampoo came in an industrial sized, pump action bottle.

He washed and cut my hair, didn’t asked if i wanted gel, mousse or spritz and didn’t, thankfully, offer me a coffee.  We chatted about this and that and after the full works I left £9.50 poorer with a decent haircut.  £15 cheaper than Hush (My wife’s place) and a far better haircut.

The moral of this story is find a contented person who enjoys what he does.  Avoid frustrated perfomers.


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