Gucci Farmers’ Market

On Saturday we visited an a farmers’ market in Bute Street (near South Kensington station).  It’s supposed to be every week from 9am to 1pm. Now I’m a fan of farmers in theory but they somehow never quite live up to their promise.  This one had about 8 stalls with the usuall mix of bread, home made sausages, and organic vegetables.

The problem is that my cynical side always believes that the small pile of aubergenes actually came from Tesco and that the olives are bought in bulk from Asda with a bunch of floor sweepings thrown in for good measure.

The fact that the asparagus cost three times what they charge at Sainsburys made us pause for thought, so we hit the goat’s cheese stall.  Now I can appreciate the cheesemakers art like the next man but two pieces of goats cheese and £8.50 later, I was having second thoughs.

The street was full of well manicured Chelsea lovelies spending the wrong side of £40 for a handful of pseudo-organic aubergines and some Fairtrade olive and eco-majoram focaccia. So two sausage rolls and 2 pieces of goats cheese we were £14.50 lighter.  Will I never learn.


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