10 immutable laws of Dr Who

New Dr Who is good but they must remember a few classic rules

The aliens must look like men in
rubber suits (no giant wasps please)

All alien planets must look like a
quarry in Wales

All special effects must involve
wavy lines and synthesizer sounds. Total budget £1.98

All episodes must take place on madly names planets like Galaston Volpix or Citrix or anything that sounds like a prescription for athletes foot not Surrey in the 1930’s

All Aliens must march slowly and never run even when chasing the Doctor

The Doctor must always wear at least one piece of improbably clothing.

The evil genius/mad tyrant must have a name like a household cleaner or lavatory disinfectant (Domestos, CilitBang, etc)

Everything must open able to be opened, jammed, started, killed or frozen using a sonic screwdriver which never needs to be recharged

All evil aliens must talk in a ridiculous voice

Every unexplained machine the Doctor encounters is named using three of the following words in any order: matter, time, continuum, anti, space, proton, converter, transporter. Try it, it works




2 thoughts on “10 immutable laws of Dr Who

  1. Dr. Who is a great show by the BBC. Although I find Torchwood to be a tad better than Dr. Who. I still find Dr. Who to be a great show. My users think so too!

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