Great curry, chilli reception

The Star of India (Old Brompton Road, London SW7) has been through the full curry house gamut from flock wallpaper to 80’s baroque to it’s current slightly schizophrenic W Hotel meets the Sistine Chapel look.  We’re talking pastel walls and Tromp L’Oie ceilings.

The food is great, fairly expensive and not the usual ‘bowls of brown’ with rice.  The sea bass with coriander is particularly good. The funniest thing was the waiter.  He looked like an insurance claims officer from Jaipur and had all the charisma to match.

“You want order”

“No we came here to watch a movie”

“What you want”

“Well have the Murg Ali Bin Laden”

“Not enough for 5, order more”

“Yes I was just beginning….we’ll also have the Boona Jihad”

“Not enough for 5, order more”

“OK wiseguy…..we’ll have 6 Ali Jemma Khan, 14 Pillau Noor Jahan, 11 Phat Ghandi, 7 Ghibberish Naan, 16 Bhindi Phall and 112 assorted poppodums”

“Ok for 5 but you may want more”

What a salesman


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