The longest shower ever

The longest shower ever
Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

The journey home was a long one. We woke to a spectacular thunderstorm and had our doubts about whether or not the ferry would be sailing. We got a pick-up back to the docks and boarded the SeaTran to Samui. Avast Ye Jim Lad! We headed off into a very stiff gale and poor Elly was pretty sick but the ferry company offered free sea sickness pills. Nice tought but new stabilizers would have been even better. Arrived at Samui in vertical rain and got a mini-bus to the airport and a very quick flight to Bangkok. We were by now wet, tired and very, very dirty. I hadn’t washed my hair for 3 days and I had the unique of aroma of sun cream mixed with mosquito repellent. Trust me it won’t be the new hit fragrance this Christmas. ‘Sweaty Bloke’ with the subtle undertones of agent orange and DDT. As we had 10 hours to kill we checked into the Novotel for some rest and a steam clean. I cabbed it down to MKB Plaza to buy Elly some Birkenstock sandals. Bought 4 pairs for 199 Baht ($7) a pair. Then the biggest shower I’ve ever had. I took about 35 bottles into the shower and after emptying the hotels entire hot water supply, I emerged pink and fragrant. Then to the airport and we camped out in the BA Executive Lounge. The use of the lounge is the very best reason for making sure you earn your mileage points. I will now devote the next 12 months to ensuring that I retain my silver status at minimum or get up to gold. Had a horrible flight on Quantas but Elly was still ill and the staff were fantastic. All the comfort of RyanAir for 12 hours plus 45 minutes on the tarmac and a one hour delay. Note to self. Always do Premium Economy on the way home. Always, always, always.


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