Birthdays and Quad bikes

Birthdays and Quad bikes
Koh Tao, Thailand

Koh Tao, Thailand

Elly’s birthday today. After cards at Koppee, I headed off to rent a quad bike or ATV, I opted for the automatic version (800 baht/$24 a day) from Big Buddha Travel just past the 7/11 in Chalok Baan Koa. Manuals are cheaper but it turned out to be a wise move. Then Elly hopped on the back and we headed off to Mae Haad about 2 miles away. Mee Haad is where the boat arrives and is a 3 street town full of clothes shops and bars. Pretty undistinguished but I bought some leather, Diesel flipflops for $4. Elly discovered that quad biking was not her thing on the pretty horrendous road surfaces so I dropped her home and went exploring. Koh Tao geography.

The island is small, 8km by 5km max and in essence has one road. Everything else is dirt track. The advantage of an all terrain vehicle was made obvious when I followed a sign to Hin Wong Bay and ended up on dirt tracks over some very vertical slopes. Then back to Sairee (not attractive) and off to Nang Yuan Terrace which is the most northerly part of the road/island. Nang Yuan Island is a stunningly beautiful island made of of three beaches connected in a T shape. Only accessible by boat but worth a visit if you come to Koh Tao. Then back for R&R, swimming etc. In the evening had Mojito’s at the Rasta Bar and took a pick-up into Mae Haad for a pizza. Then back for serious anti-mosquito spraying. The mosquitoes here are rampant. We sleep under a net and spray ourselves until we drip, we light candles and coils that smell like the urinal refreshers you find in public lavatories, we steal children and sacrifice them to the great mosquito god but we get bitten to death.

This morning my right leg, not the left which is untouched, has over 15 bites. For the first time we decided not to take a course of anti-malaria tablets and we should be fine but if you don’t get s reply to email just send cards to the Tropical Diseases Ward, St Bartolphs Hospital for the Criminally Negligent, London. Time for some Quinine……now where could I find a ready supply of chilled, effervescent Quinine in a palatable form? Maybe I’ll just have to sit down, have Gin and Tonic and see if inspiration strikes.


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