Software and Sushi

Software and Sushi
Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

We arrived at 3.25pm and had a pain free exit from from the airport. My previous arrest for cigarette smuggling (see earlier blog “Laos a mini-adventure”) wasn’t held against me so thankfully I wasn’t greeted to the snap of runner gloves and the instructions to touch my toes. Then a quick minibus to the Novotel Suvarnabhumi. Most airport hotels are vile impersonal blocks but this one is just perfect if you just want a place to crash before moving on. It is large, has an elegant atrium filled with good bars and restaurants but manages to combine Thai hospitality with Disney levels of efficiency. And it’s cheap, a huge double room was about $110 a night. Considering I stayed in New York two weeks ago in a fetid shoe box for $290 a night this was a pleasant change. Then I grabbed a cab to Pantip Plaza, the 5 floor tech-mall in Central Bangkok while Elly had a sleep. The post Taksin government in Thailand has made a number of subtle and not so good changes and as i entered Pantip Plaza I thought that maybe the counterfeit DVD and software stalls had all been replaced with branded concessions. Thankfully not. Pantip now sells a full range of legitimate and very cheap cameras and computers on levels 2-5 the ground floor still stocks more illegitimate software than you can throw a stick at. All single disks are 100 Baht ($2.50) while Mac software is a bit more. Office for Mac might be as much as $ 4.00. Armed with movies, software and games I headed back to the car park to meet Mr Alex, my friendly cab driver who got me back to the hotel. Then a Mekong, lime and soda, fabulous Sushi and grilled eel and unconscious by 10pm.


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