Souks and sunbeds

Souks and sunbeds
Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco

After breakfast crossed the main square and headed for the souks of which there are many, dyers souk, shoes makers souk, metal workers souk, bad lampshade souk, honest my friend would I lie to you antique carpet souk,etc. Very full on experience as we knew what we wanted but didn’t know in which direction to go. An hour later armed with a table that no doubt will not fit in our case and a throw we emerged exhausted. Just in time for a reviving mint tea. To give you an idea the main square seemed peaceful after the souks. My advice on bargaining. 1.You will always pay more than the item is worth because they will never sell anything at a loss.

Pay what you think it is worth. 2.Start by bidding a quarter of the asking price or less. You will then be told that either (a) the people of Morocco will starve (b) they have 112 children to feed © his ancient mother/father/uncle made it by hand 3.Walk away and listen for the sound of feet rushing to call you back 4.Never examine anything your not prepared to spend 20 minutes negotiating over 5.Have fun and remember you probably gong to spend more on dinner than you paid for that table Then back for our sunny roof terrace for cold drinks and lunch followed by reading in the sun. On a humorous note, last night Elly mentioned that we had been trapped in the Riad on Monday night as all the staff and gone out. I eventually figured out how to open the front door. Now the manager, who is immaculately dressed in a suit and looks like an Italian footballer, is all over us like a rash. Would we like a hammam (no), Is the Jacussi too hot (yes), can I offer you a free aperitif (yes), where can i set up the table (courtyard/terrace/my flat/etc). Elly feels a bit guilty but they are looking after us superbly.


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