Retail therapy

Retail therapy
Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China

Our official day off so decided to take things easy. Started at Nanjing Road by the Bund and walked a couple of miles through Nanjing Road’s retail experience. Not bad but nothing too exciting. Then decided to go with a “Rolex, bag, very cheap” girl down an alley way into a shed. Full of knocked off goodies. I bought a briefcase (Dunhill $20) and some DVDs ($1). Then some people watching before heading off to Xin Tian Di, a trendy Covent Garden, Ghirardelli Square sort of a place – but better. Had a sublime seared tuna salad and Elly some Wagu beef. Both not cheap by Chinese standards but we still got way for less than $40 a head. Then walked through some smaller residential streets back to the hotel. For dinner, we avoided the group dinner (hooray) and went to Tandoor near the Jin Jiang Hotel. After a fortnight of stir-fry an excellent curry hit the spot. Even if we were flying the next day. So to sum up Shanghai. I preferred it to Hong Kong and Beijing. It is a mix of modern and colonial and has a real electricity to the place. No doubt the Chinese will wreck the old town so go soon. The hotels are first class, the taxis cheap as anything and the views stunning.


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