Gardens, Canals and People’s No.1 Silk Factory

Gardens, Canals and People's No.1 Silk Factory
Suzhou, China

Suzhou, China

Tour of Suzhou. Known as the ‘Garden City’ and yet another ‘Venice of the East’. Note to self, how many Venice of the Easts have we been to now? Visited the Master of the Nets Garden. Very pretty but spoilt by endless lectures from our ever so eager guide. Try to spend time walking alone in the garden if you get a chance. Also visit more then one garden, we couldn’t as we were whisked off to another tourist commission trap aka silk factory. This was called Number One Silk Factory – they definately need some help with marketing here. Some good products here, king size silk duvet $80, Elly bought a couple of silk kimonos for $12 each. I skipped lunch which looked diabolical, Elly confirmed it was worse. Then a short and rather pointless trip on the Grand Canal. The smaller canals are great but try and go as a couple and not on some 30 seat barge. So impressions of Suzhou? Beatiful gardens and charming canals. Don’t bother with arts and crafts unless you’re passionate. Make time to explore the old city and it is rewarding.


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