Dyed green chicks and teracotta

Dyed green chicks and teracotta
Xi'an, China

Xi’an, China

Spent May 6th gettimg from Beijing to Xi’an on China Eastern. Definately worth considering if making the flight to Xi’an. New Airbus, very smiley staff. Luggage arrived in reasonable shape we lost a handle and a couple of the others lost padlocks but not a bad result. Our guide gave me the best quote of the holiday, “What do you think the terracotta army if made of?” That had me stumped, herrings? Lego? old Asda carrier bags? what about terracotta or would that be too simple? On Monday 7th we headed off for a the Terracotta Army via a museum that makes replicas. In a hedge we spotted a green chick, Elly was convinnced it was a rare, fat and fluffy budgie, I was sure some unscrupulous locals had spray painted it for the tourists. The Terracotta Army complex is vast and excellently laid out by any international standards. The tourist authorities in India should get over here to see what preservation is really all about. Were the warriors as I expected, yes but none the less very impressive. The farmer Mr Yung, who found them in 1974, was there (I’m sure they’re lots of Mr Yungs who work in shifts but everyone seemed very excited. It was a bit like seeing Lord Canarvon at Tutankhamun’s tomb. The irony was he was trying to prevent photos being taken. His sense of intellectual property rights isn’t shared by DVD copying compatriots. Getting back to the transport meant walkthing the gauntlet of figurine sellers, kite sellers and pashmina sellers. Sadly the pee-pee boys were absent, I know I should have bought one of the Wall. After the warriors off to some godforsaken neolithic village at Banpo. Elly and I opted out and sat in the sun while the others went to stare into a hole. As the Insight Guide says “Not worth a visit unless you are a very keen archaeologist”. As Elly and I aren’t this seemed like the right decision. Then back for a well earned shower. We were staying at the Shangri-La Golden Flower hotel. High recommended with huge rooms and efficient faultless service. The breakfast is particularly good and the Margarita’s at 60 Yuan ($6) hit the spot after a a day in 34/92 degree temperatures.


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