Workers of the world unite, it’s your day off

Workers of the world unite, it's your day off
Beijing, China

Beijing, China

Off at 8.30 for Tianamen Square. Fractionally less people but as a tip never visit China in the first week of May. Everyone is on holiday and they all want to visit the Forbidden City The Forbidden City was stunning except for the heat and the crowds. Yesterday they had 435,000 visitors, today more. Also much of it was being refurbished for the Olympics which wasn’t too good. After a quick lunch off to do a tour of the Hutongs – a bit sanitised but worth the detour as they say in the Michelin guide. Then for some reason onto Madame Sun Yat Sen’s garden. Don’t bother unless you have a very low bordom threshold. Very dull. Then with aching limbs off to the bell tower and a cup of jasmine tea. The tea being far more interesting than the tower. These organised tours tend to favour quantity over quality and I would have been happier spending the afternoon wandering the back streets with a camera. But I can not stress enough do NOT visit Beijing between 1st-7th May as the number of domestic tourists is simply staggering.


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