First impressions of Beijing

First impressions of Beijing
Beijing, China

Beijing, China

Heathrow was pretty painless but BA seem to be on another of their mad cost cutting regimes. Their latest is measuring carry on bags. I was carrying a backpack but was some how exluded. A good 10 hour flight to Beijing and then we met up with our fellow tour members. Not a bad bunch but it’s early days. Staying at the Nikko New Century Hotel. Not a bad 4* hotel in the business district. It’s the May Day holiday here so traffic is blissfully quiet. Well relatively blissfully quiet. While Elly had a nap I decided to head off to Tianamen Square. It was heaving. Hard to estimate numbers but must be over 100,000 and all photographing their families in front of the Great Hall of the People or the Mao painting at the Forbidden City. Then headed back to buy some cheap water from the local Carrefour. An insane experience but wonderful. It was a supermarket but not like we know it Jim. Cheap but an amazing range of products. Colgate or pork intestine, wood mushrooms or live eels. Then back for a well overdue sleep.


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